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General Legal Services

Vision - To help seniors in designing a "yellow brick road" for their legal and life-care planning needs.

In 1900, author Frank L. Baum wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Not dissimilar from 2021, each of the characters in the Wizard of Oz needed something to continue their vision in living their life on their own terms. Dorothy was lost and needed to find a way home, the Scarecrow thought he needed a brain, the Tin Man desired a heart, and the Lion was looking for courage. Maine Elder Law Attorneys is a skilled group of attorneys, an elder care coordinator and support staff who work independently to address your legal needs or as a team to help seniors plan for how to stay on their individual "yellow brick roads", and when necessary, navigate the detours. Core legal services for our elder law practice focus on estate and trust planning, adult guardianship, public benefits and related probate court matters. Visit our legal services dropdown tab for more information.

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Integrated Life Care Planning

Each of us has our own unique story helping us define quality of life and what it takes to accomplish a vision. Recognizing that each path is not just about legal documents, MELA offers what we call "wrap-around" services, services designed to support your life plan. Our client's real needs may be around care coordination, how to access public benefits, or the development of an asset protection plan. Or maybe it will be a simple question - can I write my own will and have it be valid? Our Life Care Coordinator is responsible for combining the needs around care coordination, at times advocacy, and the legal work necessary to help our clients in accomplishing their goals . The addition of Life Care Planning services is based on the Firm's desire to understand where an individual and their family are at any stage of their lives, help design a plan to address needs and then customize both the services and costs in support of a plan. Visit our LifeCare Planning dropdown to learn more.